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Testing Azure AD Verifiable Credentials Preview

Get a grip to your Python versions in macOS

There are multiple ways to manage and use Python with macOS, from using just system Python (comes with macOS) or managing it directly with Homebrew. I wanted to start from clean slate and here’s what I did. It will give you control which version of Python you are using and when. And no need for…

Testing Azure AD Verifiable Credentials Preview

Microsoft announced Azure AD Verifiable Credentials a month ago. It is a platform you can use to design and issue verifiable credentials to represent proof of employment, education or any other claim. Holder of the credential can decide who to share their credentials with and they can present credentials by using Microsoft Authenticator. Credentials is…

DIY: Making your home (almost) Ad-free with Pi-hole

I have “No Ads, please!” label on my physical mailbox, but that works only for traditional ads. For my devices, I need to install an ad blocker to each browser and for some devices like my smart TV such doesn’t exist. Luckily, there is a solution for that and it is called Pi-hole. Pi-Hole is…

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